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sonamanocha, 20 September 2018 9:32

I am 44 year old. I have been diagnosed with intramural fibroids of 11.3* 10.5*9 cm size. My period cycle is of 15 days. Other than this I have no complications. I am advised hysterectomy.

I do not wish to undergo surgery. I have read about ayurvedic medicines and uttarbasti for treatment of fibroids. Is it helpful. If yes what is the duration required to cure the fibroids

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Doctor's Ayurvedic Advice:-

Intramural fibroid is the growth of tissue into the muscular wall of the uterus. Please let me know about the periods to guide you further. You can take the medicines for 3months and after that review based on the symptoms. These medicines will help to reduce the pain and will reduce the size of the fibroids.

Ayurvedic medicines like Varanadi kvath - 15ml of kvath with 60ml of warm water before food twice daily, Kanchanara guggulu - 2tablets twice daily after food and Pushyanuga churnam - 1tsp after food twice daily with honey can be taken for a month and then reviewed.

keeping your weight under control will be beneficial to shrink the size of the fibroids. Include complex carbohydrates, fiber, dates, pomegranate, puffed rice, beet root, spinach, pumpkin seeds and lentils. Reduce excess refined flour, soya, broccoli, meat, oil and flax seeds. Yogasanas like Janushirasana, Matsyasana, Trikonasana, Dhanurasana, Uthithapadasana, Utkadasna, Paschimottasana and Navasana will be beneficial.

posted by Dr.Ramani on 6 October 2018


age- 21 yrs weight- 46 kg height- 5'2 am having fibroids on both my breast that r medium in size.breast size is 32 cm.i noticed them on may 2008.previously i have undergone gall bladder remmoval laproscopic surgery when i was 13. doctor has suggested surgery to remove fibroid but i dont want to get operated. please very worried.thankyou.
posted by megha31 on 30 June 2020
Respected Swamiji, I am a 36 year old lady with a 2.5 yrs old child. I have about 4 fibroids in different places of my uterus. Some of them being as large as 6 cm, I am unable to conceive again. It is causing lot of health problems to me, like anaemea, fatigue. I also have ovarian cysts which was removed earlier through laparoscopy, but has relapsed again. Could you please suggest any Yoga/ayurvedic medicine to recover from this. I do not have any other health problem. I have consulted doctor who says that only way to recover is to do the laparoscopy again, which I do not want.
posted by Sonali16 on 28 June 2020
babji i have fibroids in uterus bcoz of which i m having irregular periods..and that too excessive. hb is also 8.8 nly.. i m unmarried and nly 22yrs of age.. is it curable.. please suggest some prnayam and medicines if there r any..
posted by rituthakral47 on 28 June 2020
Swamiji Pranam 1)I have developed three fibroids in my uterus.Should I undergo operation or is there any ayurvedic medicine. 2)Iam suffering from diabetes and taking allopathy medicines. 3)I have developed kelloid on my back I am a certified yoga teacher and doing yoga regularly.Please guide me When is your clinic going to open in Irla vile parle (w)mumbai so that Ican take advantage of your medicines
posted by jyotsna4 on 27 June 2020
Pranam swamiji, I am 25 yr old married female i had irregular periods contacted gyn & had scan subserosal fibroid was there.She told me since i ws willing to have child not to have it removed but now i am in mexico not in india .Now heavy bleeding with spotting has occured since 1 month.I dont know what to do here language is a problem pls suggest me any home remedy to stop menstural bleeding .I am very depressed.I am doing ramdev yoga so that the fibroid will dissolve.Pls help i dont know why these fibroids come as it is ruining my life like anything.Pls suggest me how to have regular periods & stop this non - stop bleeding pls help pls help!!!!!!!!!!!!
posted by ann28 on 25 June 2020
Swamiji, My sister Mrs. Areta Basu , aged 40 years is suffering from a rare eye disease namely Pericentric Retinitis Pigmentosa for which there is no such treatment under Allopathic medication and surgeries . This is a typical eye disease which as per doctors is hereditary and may progress with age , eventually leading to blindness at a certain point of time . I have heard about you right from my childhood and firmly believe that your treatment can restore the loss of vision in her eyes . Kindly help me to overcome this crisis which I am facing at the moment. I am enclosing the major details about the disease and minute details about my sister. MAJOR ISSUES FACED IN THE EYE : 1.Both eyes affected with Pericentric Retinitis Pigmentosa . 2.Substantial side vision loss in her left eye . 3.Front vision is normal . 4.Night Blindness prevalent because of no side vision in her left eye . 5.Has reading problem with only left eye . 6.Can identify colours and big pictures . 7.Left eye squinted . 8.Watering of both eyes on direct exposure to sunlight . 9.Exhibits mild rod and cone dysfunction leading to Pericentric Retinitis Pigmentosa . SOME DETAILS ABOUT ARETA BASU : 1.PROFESSION: Housewife , conducts classes at residence . 2.AGE : 40 years . 3.Susceptible to cold and cough . 4.DISLIKES : rainy season . 5.Has slightly high blood pressure , with medication (120/80) . Takes Coversyl 4 mg and Vitamin capsule . 6.Slightly Temperamental . 7.Has a large sist in the left anterior part of the brain but doesnot block the optic nerve . 8.Flat footed and faces walking problem sometimes has number of corns under her feet . 9.Slightly overweight . 10.Has appetite for good and fried food . 11.Has small fibroids in the uterus . 12.Possesses strength of mind . 13.Takes sound sleep at night . 14.Has vertigo and takes vertin sometimes . 15.Has -1.50 power in left eye and -1.25 power in right eye. (wears spectacles) 16.Doesnot like to eat or drink hot food/beverages . 17.Very systematic in all the activities she undertakes on daily basis . My contact number is 09######063. My sister is staying in Mumbai. Thanking you, Regards Rajib Ghosh
posted by RajibGhosh39 on 25 June 2020

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