Is piles & fissure create problem to making sperm this question feed

B_Gautam, 4 January 2010 7:31

Dear Sir I suffering from piles & fissure, my piles are in 2nd stage. is piles & fissure create problem to making sperm. is there any connection.

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sir ashrakalp ka koi sideeffect to nahi hai

posted by randhir_acharya on 18 November 2012

Piles and fissures are the diseases of anus. These are very painful conditions and should be treated in early stages to avoid any complication. There is no any relation of piles or fissures with sperm count. We recommend you to take DIVYA ARSHA KALPA VATIfor the treatment of piles, fissure and other anal diseases. Increase water intake. Taking fiber rich diet like fresh fruits, fruit juices and vegetable salads is good for anal diseases, constipation and colitis.Take SPEMANto increase the sperm count naturally. Increase milk and milk products in your diet for good quality semen.So take your medicines and forget about any link between semen count and piles. Further queries are welcome.


posted by Guest on 4 January 2010

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