Is there any treatment for Brain Tumor ? this question feed

munish, 26 December 2009 17:53

Swami ji ,

My mother is 67 yrs old & suffering from brain tumor in advance stage. She is both physicaly & mentaly very weak & can't withstand the surgeries or radiation therapies etc. Kindly suggest us any alternative , if any .


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Doctor's Ayurvedic Advice:-

Brain tumor is a serious disease and we can not take any chance. Radiation therapy, chemotherapy and surgery are the most preferred treatments availble for tumors. If patient is very weak and aged and can`t withstand all these treatment therapies then start ayurvedic medicine of special CANCER TREATMENT PACKAGE to control the spreading tumor and weakness. These are safe ayurvedic medicines and have potent anti cancer properties. A regular course of these medicines is very helpful in the treatment of cancer and all associated signs like weakness and pains. Take light meals and increase water intake. Pranayams and yogasnas are very helpful to regain the vitality and health with medicines. Further queries are welcome.


posted by Dr.Ravinder on 29 December 2009

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Sir my mom is 55 years old and she is suffering from brain tumour and here in patna, doctor says that if surgery has been done then there is 20 to 30 % chances of death . Now she cannot able to stand on her feet but her hand operates normal, there is also little bit sign of memory imbalance but she is still recognise everyone normally talk normally . Sir please help what I have to do surgery or patanjali ayurveda

posted by aalok.bia on 9 September 2016

did this operation got success or failure.

ayurvedic medicines can help or patanjalee

please tell me should we go for surgery or not

this is first stage it is jst starting point of tumor give me best answer

posted by ankitha_rajput on 27 February 2013

Sir my friend in US has a tumor on right side of her brain 2nd stage Is there any care for her The doctors there have given her 4 months time and her health is deteriorating fast PLEASE help me and tell me a treatment for her Thank you

posted by qw1968dew on 2 July 2012

Hi, my mother is suffering from brain tumor which was diagnosed on 16th Jan 2012 and its size is very large, after which I consulted all doctors, they all told that operation si the only treatment. But than I came to know about Dr P Banerji in Kolkata and started their medicine from last week of March , but ist 20th June now and no sign of improvement si seen and her condition is getting worse day by day. Please help

posted by shivani.seth81 on 20 June 2012

sir my sister of age 26 is suffering from brain tumor. is there any treatment to eleminate that so plz confirm your contact details

posted by kaushik.himan on 14 June 2012

Sir, we already have visited Patanjalee Yog Peeth, Haridwar on last Monday & have started Ayurvedic medicines prescribed by Dr. Anil Kumar Dubey ( Patanjalee Yog peeth).

Pl keep on guiding us with the latest updates & success cases with the similar treatment.

posted by Guest on 30 December 2009

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