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shri151, 17 May 2012 16:56

my wife have ITP problem with low platelet count of 17000 2 month ago , now she is taking prednisolen 40 mg, doctor told this is because of antibodies formation in his body. can u suggest any ayurvedic treatment for this

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Thank you so much for writing to us.ITP which is Idiopathic Thrombocytopenic Purpura is a condition in which there is low platelets as you know. In this case the platelet count is extremely low.Yes there are ayurvedic remedies which can heal the purpose.

Firstly you will have to take leaves of 2 plants . They are Tumba and Tulasi. Tumbe is Leucas aspera and Tulasi is Occimum tenuiflorum. Both these leaves are to be crushed and juice is to be taken out. This juice shall be taken 1 tsp at morning and night before food.Following this you can take lohasava which too is found to increase platelet count.Lohasava should be taken 30 ml 3 times a day after food.

posted by Dr.Sony on 4 May 2013

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