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jaundice hi ..im not sure if im suffering jaundice but my eyes is yelowish somrtimes... and i didnt feel anything in the symptoms ... y my eyes is sometimes yelowish??? huhu im sad bowt it... i need your reply asap..wat should i eat ..how to prevent it.??

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For your information, you cannot decide by near symptoms of physical appearance, however, if there is a doubt, you can go through blood check-ups and confirm the reports, in that case, you can undergo appropriate treatments. Since you asked regarding prevention, we would love to suggest some liver protection care which is very essential to avoid jaundice.

In ayurveda, this happens due to excess pitta or heat, one will get jaundice or kind of liver disorders if liver functioning is altered. If you have irregular diet and irregular activities, that may aggravate the condition and may lead to liver function variations and even alcohol consumption and smoking are add-on factors.Avoid consuming oil foods, spicy foods, non-vegetarian foods which may cause aggravated bilirubin values.To maintain proper digestion, try to consume light food for digestion.You can consume the following medicines which acts are liver tonics and prevents jaundice: and Arogya Vardhini Vati, and Cytozen are helpful medicines.You can consume sugarcane juice.

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With regards,Dr.Vijay.

posted by Dr.Vijay on 12 August 2011

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