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vishalmallah, 7 June 2013 15:05

Dear doctor im 17yrs old student suffering from fever and jaundice doctor tested ans told me that I have jaundice 3.10.can u pls tell what are the precaution should be taken along with the medicine.

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Doctor's Ayurvedic Advice:-

Dear Patient, First of all i appreciate that you talked about the precautions. Jaundice is a self limiting disorder . More then the medicines, the precautions make you better son.! So , Always have lots of water during jaundice. Avoid any kind of fast food, junk food, rajma, chhole, achaar, banana, mango etc. Avoid everything which is heavy to digest for your abdomen , better you can have boiled vegetables only. Also take sugar cane juice daily , it will be a rich source of carbohydrate for you and will give good healing properties to your liver. take plenty of green leafy vegetables in your diet but remember never fry them , just have them boiled only , only thing you can do is you can add some black pepper and some rock salt to it to make it tasty and palatable also. Also start with Divya giloy Ghan Vati as 2 tablets thrice daily after meals and Jaundice Ayuvedic medicines as prescribed for faster recovery. Tc Dr Saurabh

posted by Dr.Saurabh on 11 June 2013


sir i am 65 yers old and hcv hepatitis C genotype 3a detected with viral load 17,88,000 n log value 6.25.ultrasound remarks. liver is normal,size,shape andechotexture.lever borders ate regular n smoth.no focal lesion seen buth kidneys are normal in size.no hydronephrosis or calculi seen.parenchymal thickness and cortico-medullary differentiation are well maintained.plese advise.age 65 years

posted by sherdhaliwal34 on 8 January 2015
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