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I am shashikant tripathi having a daughter ritika 7 yrs old and she is suffering with the jaundice please provide me the name of the ayurvedic medicine by which the jaundice can easily cured.

Pls meri madat kare mai bahut paresan hoo mujhe mere daughter ka takleef dekha nahi jata.

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Dear Tripathi Ji,Jai guru Dev!Jaundice is basically an self limiting disorder which gets cured just by body' sown immunity and by maintaining a restricted dietary and daily regime. So better not to worry, just pay attention towards what you are serving your daughter for food.Ayurveda says Food is the best medicine so give her light meals with frequent intervals. Give her boiled vegetables and avoid any kind of junk food or heavy or spicy food.Serve her with plenty of water and sugar cane juice for faster recovery.If she has reduced her energy levels even then don't try to force her to eat a lot. Give her Livomap Tablets as 2 tablet thrice daily before meals and Bhumiamla Churna as 1 tsf twice daily after lunch and dinner.Give her glucose also for energy levels maintenance and better cleansing of channels . Keep her LFT tested in very 3 weeks and keep the medicines accordingly.tcDr Saurabh

posted by Dr.Saurabh on 26 June 2014


Jaundice is a symptom due to increased bilirubin in the blood which produces yellowish discoloration of the skin, nails. The increased bilirubin is not excreted as the function of the liver is impaired. It also causes tiredness, headache, fever, stomach pain, itching. It is usally found in conditions like viral hepatitis, obstruction in the biliary duct, hemolytic anaemia, inflammation of the liver which can be diagnosed with the necessary investigations like normal urine, blood tests, Liver function test or ultrasound.

Have you taken any investigations and how long is your daughter having the symptoms?

Medicines like Avipathi churnam - 1/2tsp can be mixed with grapes juice and given for 2weeks. After 2weeks please giver her Draksha aristam - 10ml twice daily for a month.Livomap can be taken for a month and reviewed.

Give her easily digestable cooked food. Reduce oily fried foods and too much of proteins. Include tomato juice, raddish leaves juice, lemon juice, butter milk, cucumber which are good and will improve the digestion.

Make her drink plenty of water and let her take sufficient rest. Try to make her get good sleep also.

posted by Dr.Ramani on 24 June 2014

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