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i have a keloid since more than 10yrs i would like to know if it can be cured completely and prevented further and prevention for my kids beforehand and measures i should take.

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Keloid is a dense thick nodular growth found along the lines of previous scars or it starts spontaneously more commonly in the chest. It sometimes occurs in kids also but the exact cause is not known. There may be itching with pain.

Medicines like Khadira aristam - 5ml after food thrice daily, Kaisora guggulu- quarter tablet along with the aristam can be taken for a month.

Cherrattai thailam which is a siddha medicine can be diluted with coconut oil and applied on the affected area. As it is a chronic problem, medicines have to be continued for more time with followups.

It is also better to apply lemon juice, honey, aloe vera, apple cider vinegar which can soften it and control the growth.

Please consult your dermatologist if there is any inflammation or infection in the keloid.

posted by Dr.Ramani on 2 August 2014


My 3 year old kid has keloid behind her right ear and slightly on her left ear. Please suggest me a best treatment for her. As she is very small i am really worried abt it.

posted by suganya281 on 31 July 2014

Sir, request advise treatment

posted by rinku rana on 13 June 2012

Keloids are raised, reddish nodules that develop at the site of an injury. Keloids may form on any part of the body, although the upper chest, shoulders and upper back are especially prone to keloid formation. Symptoms include pigmentation of the skin, itchiness, redness, unusual sensations and pain.Operating on a keloid usually stimulates more scar tissue to form, so people with keloids may have been told that there is nothing that can be done to get rid of them.

A number of herbal remedies, applied topically, can help mild burns heal. These include Aloe vera gel application, and tea tree oil. Nutritional support is particularly important for burn victims. Supplementing the diet with vitamins A, C, and E, zinc and B-complex, essential fatty acids (omega-3 and omego-6) and eating foods high in these nutrients can be very beneficial to the healing process. Proteins and fluid intake should be increased to replace losses.

Try to take foods that remove heat and toxins, nourishing and promote the production of body fluids. These foods include mung beans, kidney beans, lima beans, soybeans, cucumbers, potatoes, sweet potatoes, and barley.You can apply freshly juiced ginger, potatoes, and cucumbers on keloid.The pulp of fresh pumpkin can be used as a poultice on keloid scar.

Jathyadigritham application is also helpful for your condition.

Further quires are welcome.With regards,Dr. Vijay.

posted by Dr.Vijay on 29 January 2010

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