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HI, iam Rakesh My father Has Kidney Problem His both kidney damage, according to doctor we have taken test Creatinine is 4.86 can u suggest me any medicine or any yog can kidney can be recover he has not any pb except weekness, he checking up every 2 weeks test current Creatinine is 7.84 doctor said he need to take dialsys in future

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Hello sir,As per your query, if both kidneys where damaged then you have to careful while giving alternative therapies.

You can advice strict diet for him. While choosing medicines you need to contact personally with an qualified doctor and take some supportive medicines along with dialysis if necessary.

In order to maintain kidney function well, you can consider the following tipsThe food should be high in calories and low in protein.
Salted cheese, butter and nuts should be avoided

To reduce potassium content, vegetables should be cooked with more water and excess should be drained off.
Avoid fruits, fruit juices, and coconut water, also avoid canned, baked, processed and preserved foods.If potassium is restricted avoid tea, coffee, bajra, maize, raji, wheat flour, pulses and legumes, chocolates, vegetables, fruits, sauces, jam, jellies.

Herbal remedies:There are many herbal medicines like chicory, asparagus, tribulus, varuna, punarnava etc. can be used as medicine.

They not only act as natural diurectics, but also help the body to regain it's strength, help to cure anemia, assist liver function and they do not raise potassium levels either. Also, we need to revive the kidneys and help to restore their normal function.

Medications:To enhance kidney function you can take this Kindney Medicine PackagePlease do direct approach with qualified doctor before taking medicines.

For further queries please feel free to ask,With regards,Dr.Vijay.

posted by Dr.Vijay on 16 February 2010

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