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shahpinkeshv, 31 December 2009 6:49

Sir, I am having problem with knee. I cannot bend the left knee & at the same time it is pinching me from inside. Also if i jump or some pressure is there it pains me. Please suggest the medicine & exercise for this.

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Doctor's Ayurvedic Advice:-

Pinching inside knee, pain in movements,cracking sounds inside knee on movements are all signs of age related changes or formation of osteophytes. This is called increased bone in common language. The articular surfaces of bones should be smooth but if you see your X-ray of Knee joint you will see a small protuberance in between joints. We recommend you to take package for knee pain/arthritis/goutto relief your knee joint pain. These are ayurvedic medicines which help in strengthening joints, bones and muscles. These medicines help in reversing the degenerative changes in body joints and relief pain. A regular course of these medicines slowly dissolve the osteophytes and help in restoring joint movements and natural anatomy. Synovial fluid is maintained to provide proper cushion during joint movements. We recommend you to take these medicines for almost three months to get the best results. Avoid excessive walking and bending of knee for some time. Further queries are welcome.


posted by Dr.Ravinder on 31 December 2009

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