Liver cirrhosis and portal hypertension with ascites

Suraj thakur21, 22 March 2018 23:24  this question feed

Dear Sir,

My mother Age(44) and She is Suffering From CLD And Portal hypertension with ascites which aryuvedic medicine is benifit for my mother She is Low iron ferrtin (4.5) and Copper Study (4.69) with HB (5.6) and fibro scan Score LSM (10.4), 1.9 KPA, Cap (223), BM (46) IQR (19) SR (100)

Please Suggest Me Sir,

Regards Suraj

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Please share her LFT and KFT readings..specially albumin level in blood test.

Have you gone for endoscopy? because esophagus varices is a major risk for patients with liver disease?

How long she is been suffering from Liver disease?

Is she obese?

posted by YogaGuru on 23 March 2018


Dear sir,

LFT (05/03/18) Urea 16 mg/dl, Creatine 0.5 mg/dl,Calcium 8.0 mg/dl, Phosphate 2.7 mg/dl, Uric acid 4.1 mg/dl, sodium 138 mg/dl, Potassium 3.7 meq/l, Bilirubin (conjugated) 0.7 mg/dl, )bilirubin(unconjugated) 1.1 mg/dl, Total Protein 6.9 g/dl, Albumin 3.5 g/dl, Globulin 3.4 g/dl,Sgot(ast) 35 u/l, Sgpt(ALT) 20 u/l, alk pho(alp) 176 iu/l, Bilirubin total 1.8 mg/dlYes sir she is 3 times eso banding his last endoscopy done dated 06/10/17 no she is thin her weight 50 kg, height 150 Cm she is suffering from cld last 2 years.

posted by Suraj thakur21 on 23 March 2018

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