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gurbax, 29 December 2009 7:12

Dear sir,

my heart beat is low. It stays between 40-44 in the morning. During day time it is close to 48-50, some times 50-53. But, it goes high upto 120-130 if I start doing exercise. I got stress test and other tests done, they did not find anything wrong, my ejection fraction is 67%. I don't feel any problem, some times little sluggish in the morning. I yawn lot somes. I have taken your Connery Artery Disease, Heart problem, package for three months, it had Arjuna bark, some vatis and some bhasmas in it. It did not make any difference.

Do you have any other medication or yoga execises to increase the heart beat, as it is worries me as it is pretty much low than normal.

Thanks Gurbax

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Doctor's Ayurvedic Advice:-

If all your tests are normal and you are absolutely fine then there is no need to take any medicine to increase heart beats or heart rate. The special heart package for heart problems is to maintain normal heart in high risk patients. It helps in maintaining normal heart functions, blood pressure and cholesterol levels. You are absolutely fine and we recommend you to just practice yoga and pranayams to maintain your health. Further queries are welcome.


posted by Dr.Ravinder on 29 December 2009


Dear Gurbax,

Apart from medication you should also do pranayama. Pranayama is very beneficial in controlling heart beat and correct it very fast. Believe me it works. You need to find some free time in the morning for pranayama. So you can make a routine of doing pranayama watching it on TV or alone. It is simple breathing exercises and opens up the new world for you.

Bhastrika pranayama, Anuloma viloma pranayama are the 2 best pranaymass for you but you need to practice them regularly. I am suggesting you a VCD of pranayama for learning or you can watch baba ramdev on TV to learn it.

VCD for pranayama

posted by YogaGuru on 29 December 2009

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