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Raghavendra, 26 December 2009 13:28

Dear Guruji

I am 32 year old, having lesser mustache and beard on my face which took away my image of perfect man in my friend circle. Please advice medicine to get rid of this problem.

sincerly yours Raghavendra

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Doctor's Ayurvedic Advice:-

Facial hair is present as thin hair known as vellus and then at the time of puberty it becomes thick black hair. It is due to the harmonal changes especially testosterone. It acts on the hair receptors and help them to grow. If there is a problem with the harmones it could result in less hair in the moustache and beard region like in hypogonadism.

Of course, a change in sleep patterns due to the night shift will affect the growth of hair. But you may notice a diffuse hair fall in the head which may be triggered by a poor nutrition. If you do not have any problems with your blood tests or other symptoms of harmonal imbalance, you can take some Ayurvedic medicines which will improve the rate of growth.

Narasimha Rasayanam - 1tsp before food twice daily, Trichup Capsule can be taken for 3months and reviewed.

Include curry leaf, milk, yoghurt, chick peas, sesame, soya, broccoli, nuts, beans, mustard greens, turnips, sweet potatoes. Avoid excess spicy food, salt, oil, refined flour and sugar. Yogasanas like Sirsasana, Savasana, Supported Sarvangasana, Halasana, Adhomuka Svanasana are beneficial. Try to get enough sleep whenever possible. You can also shave or trim frequently to increase the rate of growth.

posted by Dr.Ramani on 10 December 2014

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Hi i am 32 yrs old. For me i got patches on my faces near mustaches. So is there any medicine for quick growing, i was taking medicine from Batras hospital. No improvement. And lots of hair failing and beard mustaches hair is also not growing. And now white hair is coming more

posted by rajeshkumarg.2007 on 7 December 2017

sir, i am 29 years old,having little facial hair but its not have thick or fully , please advice me how to make facial hair quickly.sir please help me please please i am looking for your valuable reply

posted by mathew.davicencpc on 10 August 2016

Hello sir my age is 21 iam getting my side beard but does not on my upper thin, moustache is slowly grown but not increasing is there treatment?? Plz tell me

posted by chcharan57 on 17 August 2015

i have no beard and moustache how to improve my facial hair pls tell the medicine (with out side effects) medicine name and price which doctor to consult this problem

posted by prsksuresh on 27 January 2015

am 25 years am nt having mustache and beared fully plz help me for it i want it properly am working aviation industry i wil do all nighy shift it effects anything for growing am so worried abt it i always think abt ds nly

posted by josephmandha on 3 December 2014

I am 25yrs old ,not have single hair mustache in my face.I feel so sad about this pls suggest a good medicine for growing mustache..pls gurugi........

posted by ananthuvs662 on 22 September 2013

I am 23 years boy, not having a single hair on my face. Can any one suggest me any natural or ayurvedic medicine or treatment for it.

posted by Guest on 10 January 2013

Dear Guruji,. I am 40years old married having one daughter, but do not have proper beard & mustace on my face, is there is any medicine or treatment in ayurveda which can help me, do suggest, thanks pankaj,. (09######988).

posted by pvohra65 on 17 September 2012


my age is 29, pls tell how much time to take place for growing beard

posted by badshahofworld on 14 September 2012

Guys I had a bit knowledge on Ayurveda and would like to help you guys.
Irregular beard or mustache is mostly because of acne or pigmentation if this is your case ont worry. You can treat it by gingelly oil and black pepper powder, mix both of this in any any ratio and apply on your clean,dry skin over night and make sure your bed and clothes are well washed. By this way you can clear dark patches on your skin and for hair growth apply garlic paste on your face where hair growth is low it may irritative or burning in tat case keep at least for 10-15 mins and add it in your food. If you have anything to discuss you can mail me at pu******e30@***.com,would like to help you.

posted by Purpehaze30 on 22 July 2012


posted by shailabi15577 on 23 April 2012

Mustache, beard and many such changes takes place in the body of a male child at the time of puberty. These changes are under the influence of hormones also know as sex hormones. Male sex hormone is also known as testosterone. All these changes in male child are due to testosterone hormone. The hoarseness in voice,facial hairs or beard and mustaches, pubic hairs and changes in body shape are all under the influence of these sex hormones. Absence of these characters like facial hairs and mustaches or delayed appearance of puberty signs indicates hormonal deficiency. This can be treated only by hormone therapy and hormone therapy should be taken under strict guidance of some endocrinologist to avoid any harmful effect. But concentration of hairs or slow growth of beard or mustaches or thin line of mustaches, beard etc is very common in individuals of some regions. So just meet your endocrinologist and check whether you need any hormone therapy or not. further queries are welcome.


posted by Dr.Ravinder on 26 December 2009

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