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babu13, 30 May 2013 21:45

In patanjali shop gave me 1) DIVYA JWARNASHAK VATI -20GM & 2}DIVYA MAHA SUDARSHAN VATI-20GM for fever they advice me to take 2 tablet from each medicine box.

Is they provide me true advice because i think both medicine is cure for fever only then why should i take both medicine at a time. i have fever of 102 f

plz tell me .....should i continue both medicine or any one of them.

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Doctor's Ayurvedic Advice:-


Your temperature is 102 f as per your statement, we need to know since how many days you are suffering from fever and is there any other complaints associated with fever.

IF not the medicines prescribed for your fever is fine, Usually combinations of drugs are given to avoid reoccurance of fever.

Once ur fever is subsided, ur are prone to get fever again so to avoid that jwaranashak + Sudharshana Vati is given and these are not only just temperature regulators along with that these acts as Immuno Modulators.

So use the medicines for prescribed time and vivit your doctor again for follow up.

Thanks Dr.Krishna Kumar

posted by Dr.Krish on 1 June 2013

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