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rashmirh, 29 December 2009 3:39

Dear Sir,

My mother is around 60 Yr old and she is having severe joint pain in both the knees. She has been consulting couple of Elopathic doctors but there is no cure for the problem.

I would be really thankful if you could please let me know if there is any cure available with your chikischalaya so that I can bring my mother for the consulation and further medication.

Thanks, RashmiRanjan

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Doctor's Ayurvedic Advice:-

Hello and greetings from myyog.com

Knee joint is one of the most active and weight bearing joints of our body. Due to its excessive use, it is more prone to wear and tears. The wear and tears, increasing age, injury, unusual twists, arthritis and gout etc causes pain in knee joints. The knee joint pains restrict the movements of person. Pain killers can not be taken regularly due to their excessive side effects and digestive system disturbances. Ayurveda has many safe and natural medicines to relief pain, inflammation and swellings from your joints. We recommend you to take package for knee pain/arthritis/gout to get complete relief from your pains and to restore the mobility. These are safe ayurvedic medicines which restore the anatomy of joints by dissolving osteophytes and regenerating synovial fluid for better cushion and easy movements. A regular course of these medicines makes bones and muscles stronger. These are very good for aged and specially for age related changes. We recommend you to take these medicines regularly and give hot fomentation for better results. Further queries are welcome.


posted by Dr.Ravinder on 29 December 2009 14:23

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Sir, Thanks for post. I am 55 yrs.old. My left knee become big in size than right knee with too much pain suffering since last 1year. Kindly advice for Ayurveda medicine and physical exercise. thanks in advance bk jain

posted by Guest on 25 September 2012 19:50

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