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kd79, 23 January 2010 5:42

dear doc, i'm 36 years old,I have a problem regarding my monthly periods..they are regular, but after every 15-20 days from cycle date..i get severe pain in my bosom .the breast size also increases and becomes hard and from the day the periods start everything becomes normal..please advise if some medicine can help because the pain is too much .I get mood swings then.

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Doctor's Ayurvedic Advice:-

Menstrual cycle irregularities and pains associated with periods are most most common problems that female face in their life. Majority of women face this pain every month and some suffer a lot. Lots of hormonal changes takes place in female body every month and these changes results in development of ovum, discharge of ovum and menstrual cycle bleeding. Pains, cramps in abdomen and pelvis, tenderness and pains in breasts,mood swings, nausea and many other problems like scanty periods, over bleeding etc are associated with periods. This pain and discomfort is curable and natural medicines are available to regularize menstrual bleeding and to cure all other associated symptoms. We recommend you to start taking M2TONE with Divya ashokarishta to cure all your problems. These are ayurvedic medicines for complete treatment of menstrual cycle related problems.A regular course of these medicines help in normalizing the hormone level in female body and regularize menstrual cycle. Pains and discomfort associated with menstrual cycle is cured permanently and periods come and go smoothly every month. So we recommend you to take these safe ayurvedic medicines for almost three months to get the best result.

posted by Dr.Ravinder on 24 January 2010 14:53

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