Mukta vati for blood pressure

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respected sir... my father is 55 .. and is suffering from diabates and high bp.. he also have small clot in brain.. so doctor prescribed glimisave 1mg , atorsave 10 mg , eritel 40 mg , amlokind AT half tablet and ecosprin 150 mg.. can he take mukta vati along with ecosprin... i have heard that mukta vati too is a blood thinner....

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Yes mukta vati is a very good medicine for bringing down Blood pressure. Most ayurvedic hospital in the northern part of india prescribe mukta vati for hypertension cases. The chief ingredients which helps in bringing down blood pressure in mukta vati are ashwagandha, shankhupushpi and brahmi.All these drugs individually has proven to reduce hypertension and so has this product given the best result.

More and more products are launching in ayurveda everyday to give the best out of herbs for the modern day disease.All credit goes to the brains of brilliant ayurvedic researchers and suppliers.

posted by Dr.Sony on 7 August 2013

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