My father infected from hepetitis b

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Hello sir, My father was facing gastric problem from a long period. Recently 10 days ago he felt stomach pain so seeked for medical checkup. During blood test it was found that platlets hv dropped to 96000. Then other tests and endoscopy was done and doctors f9und that he is suffering from hepetitis b. I dont know whether it is acute or chronic. Is there possible treatment in ayurveda. Please help urgently

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Hepatitis B is found accidentally in routine examinations as there will be no symptoms. In some, there will be a reduction of platelets after the viral infection. Please maintain personal hygiene to prevent spreading and it is commonly spread through blood or semen. Please let me know about your blood tests to guide you further.

Package for Hepatatitis and Giloy Churna can be taken for a month and then reviewed.

Include cucumber, garlic, ginger, radish leaves, coriander, bottle gourd, buttermilk, coriander, turmeric and asafoetida. Reduce excess spicy foods, fried foods, meat, canned foods, refrigerated foods, sugar, raw salads and salt. Regular exercise, yogasanas and meditation will be beneficial to maintain the overall general health also. Please do have the advised regular checkups.

posted by Dr.Ramani on 31 March 2016

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