Nasal allergic problem

monti, 26 July 2012 20:53  this question feed

guru ji mujha 3 year say problem hai nasal allergic mare muhe kai ander upper ki side say malgam aa raha hai plz jaldi answer day

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Ayurvedic Medicine

For any kind of Nasal problems breathing exercises are the best cure. One should do pranayama. Anuloma viloma pranayama is specially very effective in any kind of Nasal problems.

There are also some ayurvedic nasal drop mentioned at the right side of this page.

posted by YogaGuru on 28 July 2012


Guru g namaskar mujhe duct and cold alargy hai jb bhi mere mask mai mai duct jata ya mausam badal jata h toh jukham up jata h Aur baad mai khasi ho jata hai Aur naak Aur muh dono se pila cough nikalne lagta hai koi bhi dawa kaam ni krte kripa ilag bataye

posted by nirbhay862 on 18 July 2017

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