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ashok, 20 January 2010 19:07

babaji meri age 32 hay mujhe morning mein uthne ke baad sardi start ho jaati hay ya phir drinking water lene se bhi sardi start ho jaati hay, morning mein sardi ke time naak se balgam nikalta hay aur raat ko wo balgam chest pe jamaa ho jata hay jisse mujhe asthma hota hay, yeh problem bachpan se hay, body dry hone par hi paani ki piyaas lagati hay, agar ko allergy ki dawai leta hoon toh ulti jaisa hota hay kripa karke mujhe aisi ko medicine batayen jisse meri sardi bandh ho jaye aur paani ki piyaas lage aur paani body ke andhar digest ho theek se asthma par bhi control ho jaaye

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Doctor's Ayurvedic Advice:-

You have allergic asthma problem. Allergies to some products may cause repeated sneezing and may trigger breathlessness or asthma attack. Morning sickness, morning sneezing is most prominent in most of the cases. Almost half an hour or so patient keeps in sneezing and secretions pore out from nose. This makes person breathless,restless and exhausted. Repeated infections and medications also result in immunity weakness and person becomes more susceptible to infections and allergies. So make a routine for breathing exercises, pranayams and steam inhalation. Increase water intake. Avoid allergens and cold items. Take good diet rich in fresh fruits and vegetables. We recommend you to take a regular course of sinusitis/asthma/chronic rhinitis/coryza to get cured naturally. These medicines are ayurvedic and very efficient. A regular course of these medicines will cure your infections, allergies, weakness of lungs and respiratory mucosa. Your secretions, cough, breathlessness, coryza and sinusitis will be cured. You can take panchakarma treatment for permanent cure of your problems. Sinusitis, allergies, nausea, asthma, cough etc are very easily cured by vamana and nasya karma. Take these pancharma therapies under supervision of some specialist.

posted by Dr.Ravinder on 21 January 2010

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sir i m abhishek awasthi 20 years,& i m suffering from dry cough & allergy of smoke dust pollens or mujhe throat me pehle khansi ati hai phir ander se cough nikalta hai, ye problem last year sept. se hai & mai jaldi thak jata hun my immune system is weak & i m doing yoga daily but daily mujhe allergic khansi ati hai & morning me cough olso please tel me....wat should i do

posted by abhishekawasthi295 on 4 May 2013

Babaji mujhe 5 saal se asthma ki problem hai abb meri umar 18 saal ki hai mujhe balgam bhi bahut hai aur mujhe in dinno matlab gehu ki fasal katne se jo dhul odti hai usse bahut problem hoti hai plz koi ilazz btao

posted by amritbath84 on 14 April 2012

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