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I am a 30 years old woman. I have a history of colitis and entero colitis and also now suffer from IBS which I try to keep in check by following a regulated life style. Will Kapalbhati pranayam daily resolve this? And how long do I have to wait before it shows improvement?

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Since you have history of colitis and IBS, the treatment plan will be different. As you may aware that Ulcerative Colitis refers to inflammation of the colon, a part of large intestine, which lead to prolonged irritation of mucosal layer of colon and hence called as chronic condition. As a result, you may be suffering from IBS or irritable bowel syndrome.

Since this complaint is related to body and mind, you need to be care while undergoing treatment. In allopath, the treatment option will be consumption of antibiotics. With the help of alternative therapies and Indian system of medicines such as ayurveda, siddha, and other system of medicines this condition can be controlled.

As you stated that you are practicing Kapalabathi pranayama, but it is not possible to control the disease with only kapalabathi pranayama alone, you need to practice yoga and pranayama and other combined therapies.

To give symptomatic relief such as abdominal cramps, or any stool abnormalities, should be dealt properly with ayurvedic medicines.

If there is any loss of blood and due to electrolyte imbalance you may suffer from any weakness, fever, loss of appetite, anemia etc.

Consuming ripe bananas are useful. Consuming a glass of buttermilk, tender coconut, drumsticks are also helpful.

Divya Kutajarishtam is helpful.

You can consume Dadimasthaka churnam along with butter milk.

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I am 31 year old suffering from IBS since 2014 and acid reflux and hernia since march 2016 m very depressed any cure is possible for my symptoms m loosing weight

posted by mansi.goyal2008 on 13 April 2016

Hello my brother suffer from ibs last 6 yesrs. some scraches in his colon. mucus in stool a lot when he takes homeopathy. Very slow digetion. hyperacidity, gas also please suggest only ramdev baba's medicine.

posted by sssita on 6 January 2013

Ubala pani,kela,patta gobhi,khane k bich 2 bund lahsun mila kunkuna pani pina.aur chai cofi kam kar do.Sh******anti21@***.in

posted by Bunty478 on 18 July 2011

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