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jatinder, 29 December 2009 22:31

My wife has a history of diabetes and hypertension. In 2005 she suffered from 'SHINGLES'. After recovery, she developed periodic severe pains in head. It is generally sharp, throbbing, with flashes. It ha now become a regular daily feature. Allopathic medicines have not helped.ANY SUGGESTION / ADVICE /RECOMMENDATION. Jatinder

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Doctor's Ayurvedic Advice:-

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Shingles is also called zona and this is a skin disease in which severe pain occurs in one side of body and skin blisters appear on that area. These blisters are very painful and are caused by virus. This zona is herpes zoster and affects the nerves. These rashes generally get cured with in two three weeks but the irritation and pain may persists for years due to the damage to nerve fibers. This pain is called as postherpetic neuralgia. Te pain is so severe that simple pain killers are generally ineffective. We recommend you to take divya ekangveer rasa for re-strengthening your nerves and et relief from intense pain. This ayurvedic medicine is completely safe and is very useful in neuritis, paralysis and other nervous system related disorders. A regular course of this medicine will give you very good results. Your headache and neuritis associated with diabetes will also be cured. Increase fresh fruits and fruit juices in your diet. Practice anulom vilom pranayam for better relief. Further queries are welcome.


posted by Dr.Ravinder on 30 December 2009 14:58

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