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karunakarsahu, 14 December 2011 18:22

Dear Sir,

I am 33 old married man and i have a problem that three to four time getting the nightfall in a night so please give me sollutiong that i can treat for the same.

Thanks Halim Mandal

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Doctor's Ayurvedic Advice:-

Hello sir,

Usually nightfall or nocturnal emissions do occur in teenage individuals and it is considered as normal physiological phenomenon and in few exceptional cases it happen in any ages. It happens when there is no proper knowledge regarding this. If an individual who is not having intercourse for long time, or there is no manual stimulation such as masturbation, there may be chances of nocturnal emissions where your semen automatically comes out through penis by sexual dreams erotic dreams etc. when there is excess accumulation of semen in seminal vesicles, there may be natural triggering of some hormones where semen is ejaculated by this act. If you have anxiety or stress or fear regarding this issue, you may go to some kind of medical condition and in order to treat this condition, you can consume the following medicines which are helpful such as Package Medicine for nightfall which contains Divya Mukta Pishti, Divya Trivanga Bhasm, Divya Vasantkusumakara Ras, Divya Giloy sat, Vanshlochan, Divya Chandraprabha vati which are helpful for your condition. Breathing exercises are very essential and you can avoid stress and anxiety by doing so.

With regards, Dr.Vijay.

posted by Dr.Vijay on 15 December 2011


Helo sir mera prob bhi yahi hai.meri umra26 year hai mujhe pichle 6 salo se 9i8 fall ka pro. Hai.kae bar ilaj karaya par thek nahi hua jis karan mai bahut mayus aur chirha sa rahta koe sahi ilaj bataye thnks.

posted by Sarojjha798 on 15 September 2013

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