Non cirrotic liver disease with portal hypertension

Sridharkurnool, 4 April 2012 14:58  this question feed

Dear sir, i have been suffering from non cirrotic liver disease with portal hypertension.spleenomegally observed.i never drunk alcohol.6months back oesophagal varices were observed and banding was done. Presently i am using inderol 40mg, razo20mg. All hepatitis are negative.platelet count came to 25000 , recently platelets were infused, present count is 75000. Prortal vein was enlarged.all other elements tests like serum copper, iron etc were done. All are normal.kf rings were not observed.please suggest me.if u provide any address also i will approach u with my reports. Or suggest me any medicine for permannent cure.

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As you are suffering from non-cirrhotic portal hypertension and splenomegaly, and in order to enhance liver functioning and to maintain your general body health, you can consume liver tonics. There are natural remedies which are helpful for you which include ayurveda, siddha, homeopathy and other system of medicines. Along with your regular allopath medicines, you can use ayurvedic medicines which are helpful to maintain your immunity as well to enhance liver metabolism. Following medicines are helpful for you Divya Lohasava, Divya Punarnavarisht both to be mixed together and consume 30ml twice daily after food.You can consume Livomap Tablets for internal usage.Package Medicine for Cirrhosis which contain Divya Sarva-Kalpa Kwatha, Divya Kaya-Kalpa Kwatha, Divya Pravala Panchamrita, Divya Kasees Bhasma, Divya Swarna Maksika Bhasma, Amrta Sattva, Divya Swarna Basant Malati, Divya Udaramrita Vati, and Divya Arogyawardhini Vati. These medicines are helpful when used in combination.Be on vegetarian diet which is very helpful.Practicing yoga and pranayama which are helpful. Avoid strenuous exercises or activities, however you can walk and do exercises.

With regards,Dr.Vijay.

posted by Dr.Vijay on 6 April 2012


Can the non cirrhotic hypertensive patient live a long life? And what is the prevention and cure of this dieseas? How long time patient can take medicine?

posted by prayonehcare on 19 December 2014

Hi Mr. Sridhar!

Hope you have recovered and are in best health. I have a close relative suffering from the same symptoms and problems of portal hypertension and ascitis. Please guide what procedure have you followed.

Your few minutes to reply would be of great use.

Thanks!Prashant DwivediE: pr******dwivedi88@***.com

posted by prashantdwivedi88 on 4 October 2013

As the patient is suffering from non-cirrhotic portal hypertension; this means that the liver is normal. The liver function and the liver health is normal. The portal pressure increases because of an abnormality in the portal circulation. The platelets are less because of the increase in splenic destruction.The permanent cure is porta-systemic shunting with splenectomy.Contact Dr. Rajekar in Pune at Ruby Hall clinic; He is a specialist in this area.

posted by Guest on 22 December 2012

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