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prince468, 7 September 2014 18:54

Iam suffering from obstructive azoospermia

all tests are normal (i.e hormones, ph, fructose) In testicle biopsy test : normal spermatogenus, bilateral testis. this is also normal.

In 2006 i suffered with epididymo-orchitis. it's recovered in 10 days. But now the doctors are saying that because of previous infection, this blockage occurred.

now we are planning for children.

there is any medicine in Ayurveda for this case. Please, suggest Ayurvedic with dosage and how long it will take to cure?

And what are the chances to cure this case with Ayurved?

Please give me suggestion sir. i am eagerly awaiting for your response

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Doctor's Ayurvedic Advice:-

Epididymo-orchitis is inflammation of the epidydimis and testes. It is usually reversible with medicines. But in some cases the scar obstructs the sperm leading to azoospermia. In such case it can be corrected only surgically.

There will be active spermatogenesis with sperm in the testes and will be absent in the vasdeferens due to a problem with delivery. When the sperm is typically blocked they do have testicular function, normal testicular size, firmer testes and normal FHS.

Retrieval of sperms is also another possibility but then it has to be followed by assisted reproductive techniques. But in the case of surgical correction, you can try for a natural pregnancy for your partner.

So please consult and discuss the various options and decide to go for the appropriate one that is suited for you.

posted by Dr.Ramani on 8 September 2014


sir Iam suffering from azoospermia last 3years .now i tretment fertilty centre and doctortest (FSH) blood test but test result is "testicular failure"then doctor suggest "tesa"operation but result is "right testes: no spermtozoa found.left testes: no spermatozoa found" please tell me can any tretment Ayurvedic Medicine please suggest me. Please give me suggestion sir. i am eagerly awaiting for your response

posted by dassandip86 on 22 January 2018

Thank you very much. In which tests we will find, where the blockage occurred. If i go with surgical process, what is the success rate and side effects.

posted by pavan.prince18 on 9 September 2014

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