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sameer-1, 7 November 2012 8:45

Dear sir,

we got married 3 year before,we made several tests and come to know that i have zero sperms count whereas testicular biopsy proves that sperms are generating but not coming out.Dr. says only IVF is the option.Ivf has low succes rate & even very expensive.

Please suggest if any treatment is possible in ayurveda.


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As per your query, we would like to see your complete reports and then only we can suggest exactly what can be done.

In case if the sperm production is there and due to obstruction the results are showing nil sperm count then in such cases we can try with certian ayurvedic preparations like Divya arogyawardhani Vati as it is a sroto avrodh har means cleans the obstruction in channels and other herbs like Bhallataka yoga and all. But would like to ask you to consult personally good ayurvedic consultant and i am sure some ways will come out.

Regards Dr.Arindham

posted by Dr.Arindham on 15 November 2012

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