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Anshuman82, 6 May 2017 21:17

My father is suffering from Obstructive Jaundice. His total bilirubin 11.3 ( direct 9.9 and indirect 1.4) ,SGPT 155, SGOT 89. Doctor advised CT scan and the report comes as below

" CT scan of abdomen and pelvis has been performed before and after injecting 80 cc of non-ionic contrast at a rate of 2.5 ml / sec. No adverse contrast media reaction was noted. A well defined round to oval peripherally enhancing lesion measuring 3.7 x 2.6 x 2.7 cms (ML x AP x CC ) is seen at the porta . It is causing significant mass effect and involvement of the common hepatic duct and supra pancreatic CBD with proximal IHBR dilatation in both lobes of liver.Right Hepatic duct measures 11 mm. Left hepatic duct measures 11.1 mm . Superiorly the lesion is reaching upto the confluence of right and left hepatic duct with loss of fat planes with the adjacent liver. It is also abutting the distal part of the main portal vein and right branch of portal vein with loss of fat planes with them superiomedially. It is seen to encase the right branch of hepatic artery. Medially it is abutting the second part of duodenum. Surgical staple is seen in the GB fossa region. Previous surgical details are not available.~Pancreatic portion of CBD appears normal. Liver is normal in size and shape. Calcified granuloma is seen in the segment VII of the liver. Biliary radicals are normal. The portal vein, SMV, splenic vein are normal. CBD is normal.~Post cholecystectomy status. Pancreas is normal in morphology. No focal lesion. Pancreatic duct is normal. No peripancreatic abnormality. Spleen is normal in size and appearance. No focal lesion seen. ~Suprarenal glands are normal. Right Kidney measures- 9.2 x 4.8 cms~Left Kidney measures - 9.6 x 4.8 cms~Few simple cortical cysts seen in both kidneys.~Kidneys are normal in shape, size and location. No calculus seen. Minimal bilateral fat stranding .The renal parenchyma is normal. No obstructive uropathy. Renal artery and vein are patent. No thrombus. Ureters are normal.~UB is well distended shows normal wall. No calculus seen. No focal lesion.~Prostate is normal in size and appearance.~Bowel loops are normal.~No ascites. No peritoneal lesion."

I would request your kind help for Ayurvedic treatment.

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Doctor's Ayurvedic Advice:-

Hello, As per the Ct scan reports, a mass measuring is causing obstruction and is seen to be representing like a carcinoma. Cholangiocarcinomas are one of fastest and metastasis showing carcinoma. Initial line of treatment involves consulting a nearby oncologist as soon as possible and have surgical excision of this mass. Ayurvedic line of treatment is recommended only along with convectional way of treatment that is with chemo or radio therapy to minimize the side effects. Ayurvedic medicines recommended are as follows- 1.Mix abhrak bhasam+tamara bhasm +suvarna bhasam in equal amounts and take 5gm of mixture with luke warm water after meals. 2.lok nath ras- 1 tablet thrice a day after meals with luke warm water. 3.arbudhahar ras- 1 tablet thrice a day after meals with luke warm water. 4.yakritpliha churan- It improves the liver and spleen functioning. 1 tablespoon twice a day with luke warm water after meals. 5.arogya vardhini vati- 1 tablet thrice a day with luke warm water after meals 6.punarnava mandur- 1 tablet thrice a day after meals with luke warm water. In panchkarma the procedures like vaman and virechan are highly advisable as they purify the blood Yogic exercises like surya namaskar, sarvangasan,bhujangasan, naukasan, paschimottan asan, and pranayam like shitali, bhastrika and anulom vilom are highly advisable to relax mind.

posted by Dr.Kanika on 17 May 2017

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