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raju mehta, 9 January 2010 10:49

Respected Babaji, My wife Age 34, having problem of ometing & motions from last four months, she loose her weight by 15 kgs.Now her weight is 30kgs. so many blood test, x-ray reports, uriane report, stool report, enoscoopy has done in report everthing is normal nothing is looks like serious, Doctors given medicines but the ometing & motions are not stop. pls. advice what can i do?

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Doctor's Ayurvedic Advice:-

Vomiting and motions should not be continued for so long. This results in loss of water, electrolytes and important nutrients from body. This makes body week and lethargic. Repeated vomiting and motions results in loss of weight and enthusiasm. Give your wife only light home made meals. Khichdi with trikatu powder should be taken. This helps in increasing appetite and digestive fire. Since every thingis normal and test reports are fine there is no need to take so many medicines. Take water in sips and avoid taking tea, coffee etc. Salted curd and lassi( more water and less curd)is good for digestion and helps in soothing whole digestive system. Take DIVYA CHITRAK ADI VATI after meals twice a day to increase digestive power and to cure nausea, vomiting and loose motions. A regular medication, controlled diet and rest will cure your wife`s problem of vomiting and loose motions. Chitrak adi vati is very good for stimulating digestive system and increases production of digestive juices for proper digestion of foods. This is very safe and can be used regularly till complete treatment of your problem.

posted by Dr.Ravinder on 9 January 2010 14:47

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Ondem, droxy.

posted by raju mehta on 9 January 2010 10:50

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