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Sameer, 13 December 2009 19:03

Hello Dr , Since form child hood i wanted to reduce my weight but its not getting reduce , i follow all the instruction by Ramdev Baba 1) i drink warm water in morning 2) Yoga for 2 hours (7 Prnayam and 7 Asan ) 3)Drink water one hour after meal . but still i am not able to loose the weight i am still 95 and hight is 5.11 i am 33 year old Please suggest some thing . secondly i have cheked my spream count in May 2009 it was 4 mil other things were. before this test i was hodpitalise for my Dibetics so is that cause to reduce the spearm count . secondly now i am doing Yoga since then and taking the those three medicine form BABA is it will be increase ?do you have any other suggession ? Pleae give your valuable Advice Thanks you Sameer

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Doctor's Ayurvedic Advice:-

Obesity or obesity is also linked with diabetes. You should control your diabetes with extra effort and pranayams, yoga, morning walks etc are very good for your both problems of obesity and diabetes. Take more fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet. Increase water intake. We recommend you to take Divya medohar vati to lose weight at faster rate. Take this medicine regularly twice a day with warm water for best results.

For low sperm count and other sex problems we recommend you to start with the regular course of spemanwith milk twice a day. Almost two months course of this ayurvedic medicine will complete the semen volume and sperm count. Take milk and milk products more in diet. Take healthy but home made and light meals. Keep your pranayam and exercise schedule as it is for best results.


posted by Dr.Ravinder on 15 December 2009

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