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janvi, 16 December 2009 17:34

i have pain in portion of leg below knee at the end of the day. i have 45 kg weight can u tell me to increase my weight and to reduce pain.i have sitting job.i have been done 2 times laproscopic operation,since i have cyst problem.give me remedy for these also. i m 30 year old married woman.

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Doctor's Ayurvedic Advice:-

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You are suffering from pain in calf muscles and it seems to be due to general body weakness. You are underweight and weak. We recommend you to take light home made nutritional meals. Fruits, juices and vegetables should be increased in your diet. Milk and milk products, dry fruits and rest is must for you. Avoid long time standing and sitting. Keep moving the legs and toes for better blood circulation. Take shatavari and DIVYA CHYAWANPRASH regularly for weight gain and better health. These are perfect health tonics for women and are complete tonics for body. Both these medicines are safe and natural. These are very rich in energy, vitamins, minerals and anti oxidants which are responsible for healthy body, mind and good immunity. Satavari is also very helpful in gaining weight and increasing muscle mass. You should take both these medicines with milk to get fit and healthy body. All your weakness, leg pains and health related problems wll be cured very soon. Pranayams and uoga are very beneficial in your case. Do suryanamaskar,tadasana and vrikshasana daily for best results.


posted by Dr.Ravinder on 17 December 2009 14:45

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sir i want to gain my body weight i am 50 kgs only i am 20 years old so please give best solution or treatment for this. •During the night hours, Ensure that the other person is interested to receive messages from you.

posted by Guest on 5 May 2013 2:06

sir ji,mera halat bahut kharab he,mera sharir banane ke liye upay bataiye

posted by Guest on 8 June 2012 15:56

My father is 70 years old, from last 3-4 months he is suffering from leg pain and pain is to the extend that he cannot walk properly. on daignosis it is found that there is blockage in leg arteries. pl. suggest some treatment for that

posted by webline on 22 May 2011 8:49

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