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gaurav, 8 January 2010 11:41

sir i jus wanted to ask you that i feel that my penis is small its only 9 cm. i really want to increase its size. and when i masturbate i eject within 2 to 3 minutes. i am really depressed about it. i have taken some ayurvedic medicines from people but i didnot worked at all. i have wasted my lots of money and those people have cheated me...sir please help me out?

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Doctor's Ayurvedic Advice:-

An application of Orgy oil for penis enlargement is quite simple. Take the oil (approximate quantity that suits your area of penis) and gently rub onto the male organ from shaft to the glans penis. The strokes should be gentle and one should take care of not getting orgasm. There is no need to get Orgy man enhancement oil into the orifice of the penis as it may cause irritation. The good thing about using orgy oil as natural penis enlargement oil is its healing herbs’ effects on the male organ. Since the herbal oil is free from any side effects, many men use it as natural lubricant cum penile enlarging agent.

posted by YogaGuru on 16 March 2010 10:46

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sir my age is 25year and i would to anchance tha size of tha penis from 9cm i really want to increase size so plz help me sir

posted by Guest on 27 December 2012 19:44

Gud morn sir ji ,

I am very sad for my penis.bcus its very smll so i want to know how can i grow my penis.

posted by Guest on 17 June 2012 5:41

sir I am 26 year old than i am married .sir my piens size 4.5 inch samall i like to 6 to 8 inch and my sex power very weeks my timing is only 2 to 3 minut so pleas tell me how to posiball incress pien size and strong lenght and sex power and how give me medicens

posted by Guest on 11 May 2012 7:36

sir my age is 32 year and i would like to enhance the size of the pienis from 4'to 5.5 or 6' is it possible through orgy oil

posted by dolly172 on 5 April 2012 10:39

You are suffering from multiple sex problems and only proper and regular medication can solve your problems. Penis may size in some males. Small penis size bothers a lot and individual with small penis feels embarrassed. Proper blood flow should be maintained in penis vessels to increase penis in length and width. Similarly premature ejaculation is very common sex problem which causes dissatisfaction in sexual pleasure. There are many reasons for these male sex diseases and generally over masturbation is main reason. Nutritional deficiencies, side effect of medicines,excessive weakness or chronic diseases can cause these sort of sexual weakness even at very young age. We recommend you to take a full course of premature ejaculation package to increase duration of sex and apply ORGY PENIS MASSAGE OIL on the shaft of penis for penis enlargement. Combined effect of both medicines gives good results. Apply oil after bath on penis skin with gentle massage of almost ten minutes. Take medicines regularly for the complete treatment of premature ejaculation and sexual power enhancement. These are pure ayurvedic medicines and are completely safe for regular use. Nutritional diet and regular medication will be very useful.

posted by Dr.Ravinder on 8 January 2010 15:01

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