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Kirpal, 21 January 2010 3:55

Phlegm drops in my throat and it causes too much dry cough. But the phlegm does not come out, it causes so much problem. My chest x-rays are all clear. Asthema tests are clear, no fever. I think this is Sinus problem. I believe in Auyervedic medicines. Please recommend me any remedy for it. I'll appreciate your early reply.

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Doctor's Ayurvedic Advice:-

Repeated irritation in throat due to phlegm or sputum is an indication for sinus infections or sinusitis. The infection and inflammation of sinuses results in increased secretions and these secretions are constantly poured in to throat. This is called post nasal drip or PND. In addition to irritation in throat this may cause cough, cold, throat infections and frontal headaches. In chronic patients of sinusitis PND and frontal headaches are very common and prominent. Breathing exercises helps in restoring the air transfer and air flow to the blocked sinuses and relieves symptoms. That`s why pranayams specially kumbhak, anulom vilom and kapalbbhati are very useful for your problem of sinusitis and weak lungs. We recommend you to take a regular course of full package for sinusitis/asthma/chronic rhinitis for faster and easy treatment of sinusitis and postnasal drip. This package contains special ayurvedic medicines which help in relieving infections, inflammations, secretions and irritation from sinuses and throat. These are very useful for the complete treatment of sinusitis, phlegm, headache and cough sort of problems. In addition to these medicines take steam two three times a day for almost ten minutes each time. This will open up the blocked sinuses, chest and nostrils and help in soothing whole respiratory system. Nasya karma is very very useful for permanent cure of sinusitis. Nasya karma should be done at specialized panchakarma center only.

posted by YogaGuru on 31 August 2013

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