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pichli bar k que. ka ans. paker main patanjali aushdhalaya gayi thi.unhone mujhe trifala-guggul diya,lekin unka kahna hai ki jab english dawa le rahi hain to ye avoid karen.side effect ho sakta hai.kya koi home remedy v hai?pl advidce dijiye.thanks.

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Hello, There is no restriction in taking Allopathy (English) medicines along with ayurvedic medicine. You can give a gap between two types of medicines and better not to take non-vegetarian food while taking these type of medicines.Take plenty of butter milk (chaas) for reducing piles problem.Avoid becoming overweight and lose weight if you are. Eat a high fibre diet, include plenty of fruits and vegetables and whole grain. Exercise regularly. Application of a hemorrhoidal cream to the affected area, ice packs, or warm baths several times a day in plain water for 10 minutes.You can take Divya Arshakalpa vati for the same complaint. If you have constipation, you can take Divya Triphala Churna daily one teaspoon along with warm water at bed time.

Wish you quick relief from this complaint.With regards,Dr. Vijay.

posted by Dr.Vijay on 27 January 2010

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