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Vivekn, 22 December 2009 8:07

Dear sir, i am suffring from low blood platlates. It was 11-12. I want to increase it to 20.pls tell me what kind of ayurvedic medicines help me to increas it and how i gain my weight its now 50kg.

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Doctor's Ayurvedic Advice:-

Platelets are very minute sized cells present in our blood and very important for us. Platelets keep on moving in the blood vessels of mammals and are responsible of hemostasis activity of blood. Hemostasis or clotting of blood is dependent on platelets. The abnormality of platelets is termed as thrombocytopathy. The platelet count can increase which results in over clotting of blood and can cause MI, stroke etc. Similarly decrease n platelet count can cause excessive bleeding and delayed clot formation. Dengue is very common disorder in which platelet count falls and hence here bleeding can cause death. We recommend you to take divya swarn makshik bhasma and divya loki juice together twice a day with healthy nutritional diet to increase platelet count. These are ayurvedic medicines to increase platelet counts, hemoglobin level and other blood related problems. God diet, rest and regular medication will result in very fast improvement and your platelet count will be normal within a month or so. If platelets decrease too much then only blood or platelet transfusion is the only alternate left. Further queries are welcome.


posted by Dr.Ravinder on 22 December 2009

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