Pranayama and yoga package for Ulcerative Colitis

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Namaste Baba ji,

I'm Saravanan 28years old unmarried. I'm a Ulcerative Colitis(left sided) patient since Oct'12. I have had a second flare on May'13.

I would really like to do pranayamas and yoga. Please can you advice me is there a DVD package you have designed especially for Ulcerative colitis? If there is not one available at the moment please can you advice me the list of pranayamas and yoga to be done for Ulcerative colitis remission.

I'm on a strict veg diet as below

Morning - On empty stomach - Wheat grass juice + Aloe vera juice

After one hour - 2 glasses of warm water

After one hour - fruits as below,

One ripe banana. Papaya Pomegranate(150gms) Curd

After one hour - 2 glasses of warm water


Rice Red Lentils Drumstick vegetable + Bottle gourd curd

After one hour - 1 glass of water

Evening Pomegranate (300gms)

After one hour - 1 glass of water

Night Dosa/brown rice flakes Avacado

After one hour - 1 glass of warm water

Before going to bed

Glass of wheat grass guice + Aloe vera juice(20ml)

Please advice me whether my diet is OK and I would really appreciate if you could design a package of pranayama and yoga for ulcerative colitis. It would definitely benefit millions and millions of people around the world.

I have faith in Pranayama and Yoga that it will help me in maintaining remission.

Thanks, Saravanan

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Ulcerative colitis is a condition which may occur due to Vata in mind e.g. too much anxiety,fear ,depression etc. or the diet/ Mithya Ahaar which means meals not taken according to rules like irregular times,not understanding about the self of which kind a person is able to digest and not digest, eating incompatible food etc which may affect the movement of intestine and cause the inflammation.

The diet program the one suffering from this kind of problem may prefer the following :

Green gram,red lentils,Shashtika -Shali variety of rice,Honey,Goat milk-curd,Green plantain,Pomegranate,Rice water/milk etc.

Diet should be light,little nourishing and should also take some good sleep.

Avoid fish,sour items,too much sugar,coffee, heavy hard to digest foods.

About the Yoga and pranayam -Anuloma viloma and Bhramari are good for improvement of mental faculties.

Yoga one should not do tough asnas,only the light and easy and the ones which are make one stay long, like Shashankasna,Veerasana,Pavan muktasana etc. Although there is no specific dvd available for it,you may see yoga for stomach disorder.

Medicine like ulcerative ayurvedic medicine contains some herbs with mineral which help calm down the exacerbation.

posted by Dr.Sharma on 12 July 2013


dctr sb mjy bht ziada dakar atay hain kbe kbe so k uthta hn t gas bn jati hai ganta ganta dakar atay hain phr b dakar khtm ni hty abi nai capsule aik lai raha hn hyposec 20mg per us s fark ni parh raha plz. koi duwai suggest kr dain ar khanay mai bta dain kia kha sakta hn

posted by moazhammushtaq786 on 8 June 2020

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