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healthone, 22 January 2010 6:47

My friend's daughter is 12 years old and had bood test (HBA1C) result as 6.4% and doctor said she is prediabetic. She also has cholestrol problems. Her parents are very much worried.Doctor has not prescribed any medicines. How can her blood test result become normal (below 6.0%). She has her next test in three months.

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Doctor's Ayurvedic Advice:-

Prediabetes is is a major health risk arising these days. This is termed as condition in which a patient shows some signs of diabetes but not all signs and symptoms indicate clear diagnosis of diabetes. This is a state of glucose intolerance (GIT) or irregular fasting blood sugar levels. Pre-diabetic patient is at high risk of diabetes type-II and cardiovascular diseases. The major signs and symptoms of prediabetes is increased tryglycerides and low level of HDL, increased hunger, low energy levels and weakness in body, delayed healing of wounds and injuries, recurrent UTIs and infections, decreasing or blurring vision and irregular weight gain or weight loss. High blood pressures, high cholesterols, family history of diabetes and obesity are some of the reasons for pre diabetes. We recommend you to take low fat and low salt diet and control your eating habits. Lose weight and make a regular routine of exercises, pranayams or workouts. Take Lasuna to control increased cholesterol levels and to reduce weight. Increase fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet. Reduce fats, carbohydrates and sugar from your diet. Take karela and jamun seeds for better control over blood sugar levels. There is no need of any medicine to control blood sugar level at this stage but good diet and regular routine of exercises will cure prediabetes and prevent further complications.

posted by Dr.Ravinder on 22 January 2010 16:09

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