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Sir Pranam. I am Ranjita age 50 having 3 problems total cholesterol value is 234 2.LDL cholesterol is 154 & HDL is 5.2 3.Uric acid eve is7.29 4.Vitamin D total is 17.23 I am doing kapalvati and anulom vilom weekly 4times for 15 minutes in evening and surya namaskar in morning. My life style is moderate taking fish weekly thrice and cooking with very low oi that to in mustard or olive oil.Not taking fried or heavy importance to fiberous food,green vegetables and fruits.what pre caution I should do further for lowering HDL

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Excess cholesterol can block arteries and lead to heart diseases.Animal fat needs to be excluded from diet including dairy products.Include antioxidants in your diet.Consume garlic daily and add curry leaves to your cooking.You can take Arjuna kwath and hridyaamrit vati and take triphalaguggulu.Quit smoking and drinking and exercise daily.You can practice padmaasana,shalabhasana and vajraasana along with pranayam. Dr Geetika

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As you are having multiple issues regarding dyslipidemia and uric acids and other metabolic disorders which are interrelated to each other and as you said that you are doing regular pranayama and yoga which is very helpful and you may continue that and of course, you have to follow proper diet which is very important and there is no harm in eating fish but it should be well cooked one and not the fried one and try to reduce oil and you have to walk to maintain cholesterol levels and your HDL is not sure as you mentioned as 5.2 which you need to reply back again with proper results of HDL and you can go for green leafy vegetable and fresh fruits and fiber rich food which are helpful for your condition.

You can consume the following medicines such as Organic Lipidcare Capsule and Pacakge Medicine that contains Diva Hridyamrit Vati, and Diva Arjun Kwath which are helpful for your condition.

With regards,

Dr. Vijay.

posted by Dr.Vijay on 14 February 2013

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