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kamalsingh, 13 September 2011 7:36  this question feed

what u mean high calories and low protien food, pls explain which food is high claories and which food is low protien.

kamal singh

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As kidney’s prime function is to excrete the waste products after metabolism and excess fluid from blood and body. If kidneys are not functioning well, it is advised to consume the foods that will not put much pressure on kidneys and simultaneously the food should act as nourishment to body. Your diet should be very special that one should get enough calories and less proteins should be consumed internally so as to minimize urea output. The sources of proteins are poultry food, seafood, milk, egg, cheese, and other dairy products and in few cereals, there may be proteins in smaller quantities.Pudding, yogurt, icecream, beverages, nuts and peanut, cocoa, beer, other soft drinks which do contain high phosphorus levels, hence one should minimize the above mentioned sources.Minimizing sodium is also very important like avoiding salt, pickle, salted nuts etc.,Increasing unsaturated oils like corn oil, soybean, or sunflower, or olive oil etc are important which contains calories. You can consume prepared sweet with rice, honey, rava, preparations of tapioca called as sabudana is also very good source of high calories.

Consume the package medicine along with the diet. Kidney medicine package.

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posted by Dr.Vijay on 13 September 2011

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