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Sanyukta, 8 January 2010 6:40

Namaskar Doctor

Whether we have to make cleaning of our teeth at dentist? Can we do this at home by ayurvedic way? If yes please let me know the procedure. Can using divya dant manjan makes teeth yellow due to Haldi in that? How we can whiten our teeth at home? How we can take care of our teeth?

Regards Sanyukta

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Doctor's Ayurvedic Advice:-

Teeth need good care to stay healthy and white. We should wash or brush our teeth daily two times a day. Oral cavity and teeth should be cleaned thoroughly by water after we eat something. Teeth should be cleared thoroughly specially after intake of salty or sweet food item. Use Divya Dant kanti Toothpaste to brush your teeth. It is natural tooth cleansing formula to prevent tooth decay, cavities, foul smell and other oral problems. This is a herbal and effective way to clean your teeth and oral cavity. Haldi of divya dant manjan is not in any way harmful. It does not cause any staining. You can also use triphala powder for cleansing your teeth, gums and oral cavity. Rub triphala powder on gums and teeth with your finger. It is very god for oral hygiene. Similarly neem or babool tree sticks are also being used for brushing teeth from ancient times. Just keep your teeth clean and brush your teeth before going to bed.

posted by Dr.Ravinder on 8 January 2010

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Thanks a lot Doctor.

Regards Sanyukta

posted by Guest on 9 January 2010

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