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i am suffering a problem of hair fall. i almost boldness so, suggest me, medicine that i can grow my hair-growth again?

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Ayurvedic Medicine

Onion and garlic are commonly used for hairloss which appears as patches. They are used to stimulate the hair follicle to promote the growth of hair. But it must not be used for generalized hair loss.

Hair loss is commonly due to stress, poor nutrition, thyroid problems, low haemoglobin. But if there is no known specific problem, you can take some effective Ayurvedic medicines along with a good nutrition. Medicines like TrichupCapsule and Trichup HairOil can be used for 6months.

Include broccoli, nuts, turnips, sesame, curry leaf, milk, sweet potatoes, soyabeans, chick peas, mustard greens. Drink plenty of water. Yogasanas like Shalabhasana, Halasana, Adhomuka Svanasana, supported Sarvangasana are beneficial.

posted by Dr.Ramani on 9 October 2014


Hello,The cause for hair fall can be many like it can be due to Dandruff,side effects of certain medicines or diseases,extreme stress and worry,hereditary factors and also can be due to excessive use of chemical based shampoos and soap. Hypothyroidism can also be a major cause of hair fall. So it is necessary to check your blood for TSH,T3,T4,Hb,RBC. If you have thyroid disorder then you will have to treat that first. Please write back after getting your blood checked and please mention whether you have dandruff.In general for stopping hair fall you can take Mahatikthaka ghrita- Take 2 spoon of this daily night at bed time. Use neelibhringadi Taila on hair and scalp half and hour prior to bath. These medicines have to be used for at least 3 months to get result. Include fruits,soya bean,green and leafy vegetables,fish etc in your diet. You can also take multi vitamin supplement. Use mild herbal or Baby shampoo once in 5 days to clean your hair. Avoid using chemical based creams or gel and avoid all sort of stress,tensions and worries.

posted by Dr Roshan on 29 September 2014

Hello sir,From past 1-2 months lot of hair fall is there... right now am using jambalaya root hair oil. I want my lost hair back. For the regrowth what the things I need to do..I have read in articles stated that onion and garlic juice will help in the regrowth of the hair.. is it true...? Kindly reply.. Will be waiting for the reply

posted by sheelamicro2009 on 25 September 2014


Usually hair fall do occur due to nutritional deficiencies and added reasons are stress and hereditary/genetic reasons.Depending on gender, age, climate, place, hair fall varies. However, if you follow regular nutritious diet and regimen which is indicated to prevent hair fall.

You may need to consume plenty of green leafy vegetables that helps to prevent hair fall as that contains zinc, magnesium, which are essentials for hair growth.

You can use natural conditioners like such egg white.

You can also practice yoga and pranayama that maintains and relieves stress and anxiety.

You can apply some local oils such as Divya Kesh Taila Hair Oil and that can be used locally and do gentle massage.

You can use shampoo Divya Kesh Kanti Shampoo for hair tonic.Consume Trichup capsules internally.If you have any other systemic illness, you can mention us, as you may need some liver tonics that are beneficial for you.

For more details, you can contact us.

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posted by Dr.Vijay on 10 August 2011

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