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pandi, 30 December 2009 6:41

I was facing the digession problem from my age 25 onwards.I was just ignoring it continued my life route .after my age 33 I experienced with my motion problem with blood out put.the mouth of the output hole teared 1cm and then also i was ignoring my I am 39 facing the every day digession problem with little blood as well as lot of irritation on the Hassan point.piles condition is very worst,while soiling only it comes out otherwise it goes inside -Now I am worring about that ,will it cause for cancer?your arskalp product will give the full remedy with out operation.I never aproached MBBS doctrs regarding this.kindly advice me for my further healthy steps

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Doctor's Ayurvedic Advice:-

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Ano-rectal diseases like piles, fissure, fistula etc are all caused by indigestion. Long time indigestion results in general body weakness and specially irregular bowel habits. Constipation and loss of appetite are the root cause of anorectal diseases. Increased abdominal pressure in pregnancy, abdominal tumors etc, portal hypertension, liver diseases, constipation and irregular bowl habits precipitate piles or hemorrhoids. Piles or hemorrhoids are completely curable in early stages and generally there is no need of surgery. Though there are latest techniques for anorectal surgeries but relapse do occur. We recommend you to take DIVYA ARSHA KALPA VATI with divya alovera juice regularly to get relief in piles and associated symptoms like pain, itching and bleeding from anus. Take light home made meals only. Increase fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet. Fiber rich diet and increased water intake will cure constipation and give relief in piles. Do simple pranyams like kapalbhati daily to increase peristaltic movements naturally. A regular course of these safe ayurvedic medicines will give you complete relief in piles and other anorectal diseases and improve your digestion. So take these medicines regularly for almost three to four months for best results.


posted by Dr.Ravinder on 30 December 2009 14:40

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I am 28 years old. I have hemorrhoids problem from past 2 years. I am suffering from bleeding internal piles and done my band litigation 4 or 5 times but still i was not feeling well, it increases day by day. Doctor told me to go for operation but that will not cure 100 %. It might will occur again in future. Then i saw baba ramdev medicine online on amazon and ordered this medicine ( Divya arshkalp vati). Now i started this medicine and feel better than before but i do not know how long i should continue my medicine. Actually i am in usa, so i dont know where should i contact to know this. If you please reply me or give me any suggestions regarding this. I am very thankful for you.

posted by Guest on 17 May 2017 4:43

Hello my name is monali.. I am 29yrs.old and I am 13 weeks pregnant. I am suffering from piles and was wondering if it can do anything to cure this in pregnancy. I have seen ramdev baba's yoga for piles and I like one remedy he said which was to take 1 cup cow milk and cut half lemon in it and have it early in the morning but is it safe to take milk and lemon together in pregnancy as they consider as a opposite food in Ayurveda right? Can you please help me if I can do this or not?

posted by Guest on 30 January 2012 2:04

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