Respected Sir I'm 38 yrs old and I was diagnosed with hbs Ag Vg + 8 yrs ago and since than I went to various hospitals but I resulted that there is no cure in medical science. So my question is that whether it can be cured by Ayurveda if yes than ki

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Age 38 married Three kids aged 12, 8 yrs and 3rd kid is only 4 months and no one from them is infected moreover there is nil past illness from my and my wife family side. My problem is that in regular intervals (twice or thrice) in a year I use to vomit a lot at least 2-4 days and can't eat anything and eatables smell is not affordable at that duration and I vomit nothing but during that period I feels incautious. Presently I was told by a liver specialist that my liver size is large from normal size

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Hello,hepatitis has an antigen named HbSAg which is an indication of hepatitis B infection which is a viral caused infection of liver leading to liver swelling and liver infection.There are of two types of infection-acute and chronic and can be mild and severe.The virus is communicated through transfer of fluids i.e. skin pores, body fluids or sexual genetalia.Ayurveda as such has nomedication to cure hepatitis B or to remove the virus from body but ayurvedic medicines helps in improvising the metabolism of body and also in maintaining healthy liver.Ayurvedic medicines recommended are as follows-1.yakritpliha churan- 1 tablespoon twice a day with luke warm water after meals.It improves the liver and spleen functioning thereby helps in recovering from hepatitis.2.arogya vardhini vati-1 tablet thrice a day with luke warm water after meals3.punarnava mandur-1 tablet thrice a day after meals with luke warm water.4.Mix akik pishti +mukta pishti and kam dudha ras in equal amount and take 5gm of mixture with luke warm water after meals.In panchkarma the procedures like vaman and virechan are highly advisable as they purify the blood and maintain required amount of pitta dosha.

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