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ron_koss, 8 January 2010 21:36

Hi Sir/ Madam, Happy new year! Can you please tell me the medicines which are helpful to cure Rumitor Artheritis? I am 75 years and having lots of pain in my knee and hips. I am planning to have stem cell surgery done. But thoutht that let me have your advice about Ayurvedic medicines. thank you much and acpprecited your help. Ron Koss

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Doctor's Ayurvedic Advice:-

A very happy and prosperous new year to all. Arthritis is curable with ayurvedic ir natural medicines and balanced diet.You should increase fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet and reduce fatty fried and oily foods. Increase water intake level. Eat less then your appetite. Divya pidantak kwath is very helpful in increasing joint movements and reducing bony pains. This is a system regulator and clears toxins from body to cure the arthritis from root. Take Rheumatoid arthritis package with divya pidantak kwath regularly to get the best results in treatment of RA. This package contains ayurvedic medicines which are very much safe for regular use and are very efficient for the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis. A regular curse of these medicines will cure the inflammation, pain, tenderness and swelling of joints. These medicines act as natural pain killers and have no any adverse effect as modern pain killer medicines. We recommend you to take your medicines regularly and do hot fomentation with warm water for instant relief.

posted by Dr.Ravinder on 9 January 2010

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sirji I am 60 yrs old my problem is I get tired very quickly n by evening I feel no emergy I wok for 10hrs n my job is to stand at counter my both legs at knee are painfull please sdvice some mediciems. thank you awiatig for reply on my email

posted by alwafa14 on 7 June 2015

i m anita n i m 38yr old i m suffering from hair fall last 2yrs i m healthy n normal body person so sugest me ayurvedic medicine n my diet also which help to prevent hair fall. regards. anita.

posted by anitasahu123 on 6 December 2012

in london where are the shop to buy Ramdev herbel medicien pls advice.

posted by gopalmbhatia on 2 May 2012

thank you. Do you have any medicines to enhance the penis length and width? and to enhance ejaculation time? I am only interested in Ramdev baba medicines. Please advice. thank you much.

posted by Guest on 9 January 2010

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