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namrata, 15 January 2010 10:18

My husband is suffering from severe psoriasis from last 3 years. His whole body is having big big patches and also in the hair. He was originally having very very dry skin and now it is worst. Also his body smells very different.

What can we do to get rid of the Psoriasis? Which pranayam, how long and which medicines and how he needs to take it? We live in the US and so do we need to visit any of the clinics?

Please reply.

Thanks & Regards

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Doctor's Ayurvedic Advice:-

Yoga VCD for Skin Diseases - This VCD of swami ramdev contains methods to cure all all types of Skin Diseases.

posted by YogaGuru on 16 January 2010

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Psoriosis is easily relieved by regular ayurvedic medication. We recommend you to take special package for psoriasis to cure psoriasis and associated problems naturally and safely. This package contains ayurvedic medicines which are very effective for blood purification and clearing skin problems. Rashes of psoriasis slowly vanish and itching etc., are easily controlled by regular medication. Scaly and dry skin, skin flakes and ugly looking scaly skin with cracks etc are cured by these ayurvedic medicines. Take balanced homemade diet. Increase karela in your diet or take karela juice daily empty stomach. Similarly neem is very good for skin problems. Use neem water, neem oil and neem decoction for faster results in the treatment of psoriasis and other skin problems. Increase water intake and practice pranayams regularly. Kapalbhati, anulom vilom both are very useful for purification of whole body. There is no need to visit any clinic for these medicines and you can purchase them by online shopping. Take medicines regularly till you get complete relief. Panchkarma treatment is very useful in the treatment of acute and chronic cases of psoriasis. Massage with medicated oils gives instant relief in psoriasis and many other skin problems instantly. Further queries are welcome.

posted by Dr.Ravinder on 15 January 2010

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