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adil, 13 January 2010 13:16

i am adil i am suffering from sexual problam like as dhat, sheedraapatan,nightfall,naso ka dheelapan more.plz provide me ur specific advice i am still waiting

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Prnam Babaji

I want to know that how to take divya shilazit rasayan (in tablet form) aur morning me aur evening me khane ke baad lena hai ya pehle aur isme parhej kai kya kya karna hai aur isko kitna time tak lena hai

thanks in Advance

posted by avi.me0777 on 12 February 2013

pranam guruji mera nam rajesh hai mujhe buchpan se hastmaithun ki aadat hai ab mera vivah hogaya hai or ab main apni patni ko koi sukh nahi depata sex karne ki ichha nahi hoti hai or shighr patan hojata hai kripya mujhe sahi upchar batain aap ka sada aabhari rahoonga

posted by kumarrajesh122 on 23 March 2012

Swapandosha or nightfall, sheeghrapatan or premature ejaculation, naso ka dheelapana or erectile dysfunction are very much common in individuals having dhaat problem. Apart from these most common problems dhaat or prostatitis can also cause severe weakness in sex power, general health problems and seminal weakness. Dhaat is very severe problem and is generally represented by leaking semen with urine. Seminal discharge occurs very quick and on slight stimulation. We recommend you to take CONFIDO, divya chanderprabha vati and DIVYA SHILAJIT SATfor complete treatment of your sex problems. These are ayurvedic medicines having very great results in the treatment of all urogenital problems including dhaat and associated sexual weakness. You will get very good results in the treatment of premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction and nightfall sort of problems. Take four to five liters of water daily. Urine production will increase for some time and that ill be good for you. Never suppress the urge for urination. Take these medicines for almost three months to get the best results. Regular medication and nutritional diet will improve your sexual power and general health.Practice pranayams and yoga regularly foe faster treatment.


posted by Dr.Ravinder on 13 January 2010

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