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How much one should take? Does it have any side effects?

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Shilajith also known as asphaltum is a natural product which is seen seeping out from the cracks of mountains such as himalayas in the form of nectar. It is seen to have several medicinal values.

It is a phytocomples with more than 85 minerals in ionic form. It is generally said to be taken at a dosage of 250- 500 mgwith honey, milk or warm water. Those available in the form of drops shall be taken ata dosage of 1 or 2 drops twice daiy after food preferably with warm water.

This product is seen to be free from all sorts of side effects. It is highly recommended that shilajith shall be used only on the prescribed quantity as suggested by your practitioner. The dosage is purely based on the clinical condition of the patient or the purpose of well being by the patient. It is however contraindicated both in pregnancy and lactation.

posted by Dr.Sony on 20 March 2014


Shilajith known as Asphaltum is commonly used in chronic conditions because of its benefits in improving the strength and reducing the problems like anxiety, diabetes, obesity and sexual problems.

It can be taken in the form of capsules, bhasmam and liquid. Capsules can be taken as one twice daily after food for the prescribed period. Bhasmam can be taken as 250-500mg with honey, milk, butter, ghee,or warm water according to the condition after food twice daily. In liquid form which is available as Shilajith Sat can be taken as 1-2drops with warm milk after food twice daily.

It can be decided based on the necessity and the condition.

posted by Dr.Ramani on 13 March 2014


You can take Shilajit one capsule twice daily followed by milk. There is no side effects if taken in proper dosage.

with regards,Dr. Vijay

posted by Dr.Vijay on 4 March 2010

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