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aru_bhatt, 23 January 2010 14:30

I have sinus problem. basically cough problem . When i take cold things i got problem. In winter problem is serious. please tell me what i will be do. i will take a long alopathic and homoyapathic treatment but after some time i fell not good.

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cough usually occur after use of cold things like ice creams,soft drinks,cold coffee and shakes avoid these things. for cough problem we recommend you to take 1)divya shadbindu tail-one drop of oil in both nostril in morning and night. 2)sualin-2-2 tablets to be taken after breakfast and after dinner with luke warm water. 3)Divya Shwasari Pravahi-2 teaspoonful with 2 teaspoonful of water after lunch and after dinner.

you must do yoga asans like anulom-vilom and pranayaam. just take these mediciines for 3-4 months for getting releif from your problems

posted by dr.ajay on 27 January 2010
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