Sinus with Allergy with iritations and itching n

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Res sir, This is Chandrasekhar.a Age 41 yrs gender:Male Marital status : single i am suffering with sinus problem, from past 1 yr it is effected when i am cleaning my house 1 yr back before that my health is good conditon only , after that my sneezes started continuously with some sensations of snezes and nose burning if not coming sneezing, so when i contact in a hospital they checked my blood and given report and said there noting in report and everything is clear,so when i contacted in hyd medical collage they taken xary and said allergic rihinities only so given tablets i used one week but no relief so then i sifted to homeopathy , and used bakson sinus drops B22 two bottles for

First bottle only my Problem is resolved and my Problem is came down , but some times i am facing a continues itching in my nose, burning and sneezing sensations, if the sneeze will come out then ok otherwise some time irritations and small burning sensations will start and some water will come to down to my throat ,and flume also coming in white color ( small balls) only.except this there is no problem.can i use Anutailam , some body said it will burn when drop in nostril or can u please suggest a normal drops and tabs which equivalent to this anu tailam . I used patanjali chavanprash half kilo bottle but no use

Problems 1) Rarely starts sneezing sensations but not coming out, irritation in my nose then 2)small white color flume coming sometimes from my throat and water also some time when sneezing is not coming 3)morning time will get snezeing and when sneezeing is not coming out then i will go out and watch shiny items then my sneeze will come other wise irritations and itching will starts

Thank you Waiting for reply Chandrasekhar.A

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Ayurvedic Medicine

Sinusitis becomes a chronic condition when the inflammation of the sinus persists. So medicines must be taken to reduce the inflammation by which the excess mucous will also clear. Then if you do nasya, it will hep to clear the residual mucous and ease the symptoms. Chyvana prash can be taken after the symptoms subside to improve the immunity and to develop resistance towards infections.

Package of Ayurvedic and Herbal medicines for Sinusitis can be taken for a month and then review. Shadbindu tailam can be used for nasyam. Steam inhalations help to reduce the phlegm and the symptoms also.

Include warm food, soups, tulsi, garlic, dried ginger, coriander, pepper, turmeric mint and honey. Avoid excess canned foods, cold foods, oil, sweet and refined flour. Try to avoid prolonged exposure to cold breeze and cold water head bath. Warm ginger tea will be beneficial.

posted by Dr.Ramani on 23 November 2016


Thank you mam for your kind reply somebody said burning sensations is there because of "Shadbindu Tailam" so can i use that one or any another one can u prescribe for me, i found solution for sinus is "srinigatika murma".It's kind of therphy to resolve the problem of sinus , so i want to know what is this how to use, can u please let me know the procedure

Waiting for replyChandraatoz

posted by chandraatoz on 29 December 2016

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