Stomach problem from April 2016

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I am suffering from liver sgpt sgot problem from last one year & my age is 21 . Currently my Sgot-48 & sgpt-43 but my stomach is not working properly.. (1)Vomitting , (2)loose motion +mucus, (3)Sudden urge to go stool ,(4) heaviness in stomach, (5)pass the stool 3-4 times a day(6) noise from stomach . I have gone under many medical treatment too. (Alopathic medicine) But till date i take medicine i am alright but after leaving same problem starts . Currently i am going under unani medicine from last 1 month but still not going on well . Still symptoms are same . These stomach problems started from april & liver problem was from Last year . I have also stopped milk from April & many other dairy products when I start using milk problem get more severe. Thank you

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Your SGOT and SGTPT seems normal to me and it is below the average range so there is nothing wrong with that. How is your albumin level and bilirubin ?

Have you gone for Hepatitis vaccination or conducted any tests. It is better to have 1 ultrasound as well of upper abdominal area to find out the problem and lever condition.

In general you can take Liv 52 DS twice daily as it is good liver tonic. You can also consume Avipattikar churna after having food to avoid acidity / gastric troubles.

If you can do pranayama then it will be best for you. Kapalbhati pranayama is very good for liver / stomach problems. You are young so you will recover fast. Do not consume alcohol at all.

posted by YogaGuru on 28 September 2016

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