Stone in kidney

vikascyadav, 17 June 2013 22:29  this question feed

My younger brother has stone in left kidney. Please suggest some medicine.he is 23 year old. is patterchatta leaves will be useful?

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Have you taken a scan, if so kindly mention the measurement of the stone.

You may try the following advice:

  1. Brihatyadi kashayam15ml with 60ml water twice daily half an hour before breakfast and dinner

2.Tab. Cystone: 1 tab after breakfast and dinner

  1. Gokshura choornam:1 spoon with 1 glass of warm water at bedtime.

Make sure that more liquid is consumed.More number of time he passes urine, there will be better chance of the stone being flushed out. Water, tender coconut, sugarcane juice and barley water is best. Avoid non-veg and pulses.

posted by Dr.Gautam on 16 October 2013

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